Construction Work Started on the First Zone of Ravi River Front Project at Chahar Bagh

Special Assistant to CM Punjab for Information, Hassan Khawar, has unfolded the headline that construction work has been started on Chahar Bagh, the first zone of the Ravi River Front project.

In a message on Twitter, Hassan Khawar said that construction work on the Ravi River Front project on the 46 kilometre-long section on both sides of the Ravi River has been initiated expeditiously. The project would curb the spread of urban population, help raise the water level, and rehabilitate the Ravi River.

Following the directions of CM Punjab Usman Bazdar, the concerned agencies had been directed to speed up the construction work to deal with overcrowding, traffic congestion, pollution and water scarcity related issues, he said.

The project's first phase would cover 15,000 acres, and its master plan would include projects like Sapphire, Agri, Knowledge, Emerald Bay, Topaz Block, Barrages and Lake. Furthermore, Ravi City brought in foreign exchange through private investment in the province and Pakistanis abroad.

He further added that recharging the Ravi River and creating millions of jobs through housing and construction-related industries are the top objectives of this grand and innovative project.

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