Why Invest in LDA City Lahore

LDA City Lahore, occupying 58,000 Kanals, is going to hit the jackpot with its provision of tip-top metropolitan facilities. It will be home to 40,000 families.  Swift sale of Phase-1 plots like hot cakes in the prior balloting depicts the society’s growth up to the apex. After the successful projects of Faisal Town, Johar Town, and many more, Lahore Development Authority has planned to make LDA City the foremost housing society of the Punjab, Pakistan. Following are some points portraying the solid reasons why to invest in LDA City:

Price Comparison (LDA City vs. Other Colonies)

It is usually a notion among the masses that only high-class people can purchase the plots and build their homes in modern living societies. Pakistan is a country where there exists a huge gap in the distribution of wealth among its people. One cannot deny this statement. To facilitate the folks of Lahore, LDA City has welcomed them by offering its plots with far less prices in comparison with the surrounding societies of the town. DHA Phase 9, DHA Rahbar, Zaamin City, and Central Park Housing Scheme, etc are among the neighboring societies of the top-notch LDA City. Let’s make a brief price comparison of 5-Marla plots of the aforementioned societies which will explicitly help prove the point of discussion. The 5-Marlas Residential plot in DHA Phase 9 comes for 60-90 Lacs PKR. Similarly, the asking price per Marla plot in the vicinity of LDA City Lahore is around 10 Lacs. For Instance, a 5 Marla plot in Zaamin City, in the neighborhood of LDA City, costs about 50 Lacs PKR. In contrast, LDA City Lahore offers a 5-Marla plot at 20-25 Lacs PKR. Additionally, 50 percent fewer charges are being charged as developmental charges. So, the people of every class are being welcomed to come and reside in this state-of-the-art society.

Lump-Sum Payment Method with Easy Paperwork prompting Investment in LDA City Lahore

LDA City Lahore offers the plots of 5-Marla, 10-Marla, 1-Kanal, and 2-Kanals. A very flexible payment method has been designed and catered by the management of the society. It has provided customers with a lump sum payment method. The direct involvement of the Lahore Development Authority is a blessing for the people who want to reside in LDA City. LDA’s sponsorship would prompt people to clear their doubts regarding the project.

As written before, the asking prices of plots in the town are far less than its vicinity. There is a big opportunity for the investors to pay full payment and become instant owners of the property. This procedure has been designed so that the investor can avoid red-tapism and time-consuming paperwork.

LDA’s purpose to meet the Residential and Commercial needs of the people of LDA City

As we all know, Lahore Development Authority (LDA) is a governmental entity based in Lahore. Its implicit-cum-explicit purpose is to serve the people in terms of development. Previously, it has completed a great many projects that helped people in one way or the other. The previously-completed infrastructures include:

  1.  Walton Flyover
  2.  Shalamar Interchange
  3.  Azadi Chowk Junction
  4.  Qainchi Junction
  5.  Liberty Parking Plaza

If we shed a light on the housing societies, LDA has helped completion of many top housing societies in Lahore e.g., Faisal Town, Johar Town, and Garden Town, etc. Today one can feel the developmental work been carried out and being continued in these societies. Now, LDA with private partnerships has promised to make build a world-class tranquil society in the outskirts of Lahore. The 2.1 km long and 180 feet wide road from Gajju Matta to the society has also been constructed. It has been catalyzing the people to invest in society. So, the investment in LDA City Lahore is a secure investment with zero doubts.

LDA City Location- Prime society in the Heart of the City

The society’s beautiful location has made people fell head over heels with it. The deluxe project i.e. LDA City Lahore is located on Ferozpur road. It has the closest access from Ring road. It has a direct link from the Kahna flyover. In the north, LDA City connects with Defence road and meets Ferozpur road in the south. It is opposite to DHA Phase 9, 10. It is only 1.5 km from one of the stations of Metro Bus. LDA City is situated between Ferozpur road, Defence road, and Kana Kacha road. LDA City can be reached effortlessly from the following locations:

  1.  Metro station (5-min drive)
  2.  Kalma Chowk (25-min drive)
  3.  Lahore International Airport (25-min drive)
  4.  Motorway Entrance (30-min drive)

The hiring of Reputed Professionals for LDA City’s Architecture

Lahore Development Authority aims to make this society the best living society in the province of Punjab. It is a famous citation; ‘Quality is not an accident. It is always the result of an intelligent effort’. For international standard design and town planning of LDA City, LDA has assigned this task to a well-reputed multinational company, ‘Osmani (Pvt.) Ltd’ and the Professor Spiro N.Pollalis of Harvard University. As per the society’s management, there will be no compromise on the quality.

LDA City has a designed a colossal plan for its Town-Planning, which includes the construction of various bridges, underpasses, lush green trees, broad carpeted roads, plantation on roadsides, recreational infrastructures, and business centers, etc.

The ratified design has maintained parity by allotting the international idea of equity. For residential accommodation, 42-45 percent land of the society has been allotted. 7-10 percent is available for commercial areas, while the remaining land is only for roads, parks, and green spaces. As we can interpret that no proposition overweighs the other. In some of the other first-rate societies, this plan is followed too, but their residents pay an exorbitant price in return. However, LDA City Lahore aims to provide this quality at very fair prices.

Provision of tip-top Metropolitan Facilities making LDA City advantageous over other Housing Societies

Usually, a great many amenities are being offered by the society to provide a tranquil living environment for its residents. Following are a few of the modern metropolitan facilities that mark why investors ought to invest in LDA City Lahore:

  1.  Own Expo Center and Multi-floor Shopping Mall
  2.  Five Star Hotels & Pakistan’s Biggest Theme Park
  3.  280 Kanal Sports Complex with Glass Quash courts, Olympic size Swimming pool
  4.  300 feet main Boulevard
  5.  Cricket Stadium
  6.  Mini Zoo
  7.  An American style 18-hole Golf Course
  8.  An Education City and Health City
  9.  Latest municipal facilities like bus terminals, post office, shuttle services for Metro Bus, Railway Stations, and 24/7 tight security

This is the best time to invest in LDA City Lahore. LDA’s direct involvement in this flagship project is not less than a blessing for the people who want to invest in this top-notch town. With increasing inflation in the country, a rise in the plot price is might possible. So, speed up and invest in LDA City Lahore. So, hurry up and grab this golden opportunity.

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