27 January, 2022

5 New Mega Development Projects to be started in Lahore

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The city of colleges, Lahore, is the second-largest city in Pakistan and holds a long history of the country. Lahore has deep-rooted connections to the Mughal era. Many green spaces in Lahore are the result of the tedious efforts of the Mughal emperors.

It is unfortunate that this major city has started facing traffic bottlenecks, especially during rush hours. The city's population is rising every day, so the number of vehicles commuting on its roads is also increasing. So, in the wake of this rising issue, the Government of Punjab has decided to start five new mega-development projects located at different sites of Lahore. In this blog, Apex Group will shed light on these five big projects that are to be started soon in Lahore.

5 New Mega Development Projects in Lahore

To get rid of the issue of heavy traffic jams on busy roads such as Jail Road, Gulberg Main Boulevard, Ferozepur Road, Jail Road and Deference Main Boulevard, the Government of Punjab has a robust infrastructure plan in its hand.

At present, there are a great many flyovers, underpasses, signal-free corridors in Lahore that help people commute easily towards their destinations. But, with the upcoming five new big development projects, the provincial government is committed to providing its people the maximum convenience relating to intra-city mobility.

Following are the five sites that have been picked to ease the traffic flow:

1- Gulab Devi Hospital

2- Sheranwala Gate

3- Shahkam Chowk

4- Mall Road

5- Barkat Market

 It is being reported that the estimated budget for these upcoming five projects is approximately PKR 20.5 billion, and the responsibility of its prompt completion of the task has been given to the civic body- Lahore Development Authority. The director of the project briefed one of the news channels that these five development projects are necessary to sort our growing intra-city mobility issues, and he is pretty sure to get the project complete in the provided time.

Gulab Devi Hospital

 It is a fact that the vicinity of Gulab Devi Hospital is one of the busiest spots in Lahore. The traffic congestion near its signal can last for a long time, especially when it is evening. The road links Model Town and Gulberg with Defence, Walton Road, and the areas along this route to Kasur. LDA plans to construct an Underpass near Gulab Devi Hospital to lessen the traffic flow in this area. The cost of this mega project is PKR 2 billion. The planned budget will be spent on the following things:

1- Consultancy

2- Civil Works

3- Shifting of Service

4- Landscaping

Sheranwala Gate

 Sheranwala Gate is among the historical 13 gates of Lahore. The road network in the vicinity of Sheranwala Gate is also one of the busiest in Lahore. To resolve the issue of heavy traffic, a 1-km long flyover will be constructed from Naulakha Police Station to Sheranwala Gate. A study reveals that, on average, around 121,421 vehicles commute on this route daily. The cost of the project will be PKR 4.9 billion.

 Undoubtedly, the flyover will improve the flow of traffic and help reduce traffic congestions on the road. The budget allotted for this project will include the following services:

1- Acquisition of 22 Kanals private land

2- Development of sub-base and base

3- Earthwork and allied works

4- Structures (flyover & RCC wall, ramps, rigid pavement)

5- Surface course and pavement

6- Ancillary works

7- Electrical works

8- Drainage and erosion work

9- Landscaping and horticulture

Shahkam Chowk

 It is excellent news for the people who used to travel through Shahkam Chowk that the development of a modern flyover on Shahkam Chowk is at a faster pace. This project will reduce the traffic jams during rush hours and make traveling between Thokar and Shahkam Chowk. You can also use this road to reach Bahria Town and other posh societies nearby it. Shahkam Chowk also connects Mohlanwal Stop to Defence Road. The allocated budget for this Shahkam flyover project is PKR 4.349 billion. The budget will be utilized for the following things:

1- Acquisition of 96 Kanals land

2- 5-6 km long track on the ground leading to the bridge

3- Construction of bridge (Length- 606 meters, width- 23.6 meter)

4- Rehabilitation work

Mall Road

 Mall Road of Lahore is one of the city's historic and most important roads since the prime buildings like Punjab Assembly and WAPDA house are both situated on this road. Besides these, General Post Office (GPO), Lahore High Court, Governor House, and Anarkali Market are all present on mall road. This road faces traffic bottlenecks during every rush hour; to cross the traffic lights of mall road without facing a traffic clog is impossible.

 In this mega project, state-of-the-art five underpasses will be constructed on different intersections of iconic mall road as the Punjab government has approved these infrastructures. The cost of the project is PKR 7.5 billion.

1- Two single-barrel underpasses on Governor House & Davis Road

2- Three double-barrel underpasses at Regal Chowk, Charing Cross & Anarkali Chowk

Barkat Market

Traffic jams are common at Barkat Market (Y-junction) due to the rush of vehicles. A plan has been proposed to the civic body to construct a flyover, an underpass, and on-ground infrastructure improvements. A PKR of 1.5 billion will be spent on these developments. The target is to develop a signal-free Barkat Market Corridor to help people commute easily.

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