12 July, 2021

An Overview of Lake City Lahore

Housing Schemes

Far away from the hustle and bustle of the main city, Lake City, on the outskirts of Lahore, occupies a massive potential to become an epicenter of modern communal living. Lake City’s attractive geographical location has been attracting investment since its inception. The society’s 2400 acres of land has eight sectors, ranging from M-1 to M-8. This top-notch society is one of the rosy housing societies of Lahore as it provides world-class amenities and facilities. It offers plots and villas of various sizes, i.e., 5 Marla, 7 Marla, 10 Marla, 12 Marla, 14 Marla, 15 Marla, 1 Kanal, 2 Kanal, 4 Kanal, and 8 Kanal sizes. Ready-to-move-in houses and villas are also available. The provision of top-class facilities is an apex priority of the management. The latter part of the blog discussed how Lake City Lahore is the best available option.

Lake City Lahore Location

The deluxe project, i.e., Lake City Lahore, is located on the main Raiwand road. The society is surrounded by reputed housing societies like DHA Rahbar, Valencia, Wapda Town, Fazaia Housing Scheme, and Khayaban-e-Amin. Following are some nearby locations from which one can effortlessly travel to Lake City:

  1.  Thokar Niaz Baig
  2.  Lahore Ring Road Interchange
  3.  Lake City Interchange
  4.  Allama Iqbal International Airport
  5.  Lahore Cantt

Sectors in Lake City Lahore

The top-notch Lake City is a brand. It includes eight sectors, from M-1 to M-8. Let’s throw some light on each of these sectors.

Lake City M-1

M-1 sector occupies residential plots of va10 Marla (90-100 Lacs), 12 Marla (120-140 Lacs), and 14 Marla (145-160 Lacs). Plots of 1 Kanal (185-225 Lacs) and 2 Kanal (450-500 Lacs) sizes are also available. Fascinating architecture-cum-serene living environment will be the fortune if someone wishes to invest in this heaven. At hand plots in Villa Granda are of different measurements, i.e., 10 Marla, 12 Marla, 14 Marla, and 1 Kanal. Four and Five-bed options are included in Villas.

Lake City M-2 & M-3

The only available plot in the M-2 sector is 1 Kanal measurement, ranging from 160 to 225 Lacs. M-2 Sector has another block, M-2 A-Block, which carry plots of 10 Marla only; price ranging from 110 to 145 Lacs.

M-3 sector connects with the Lake City Interchange on Lahore Ring Road. A plot of 1 Kanal is present in the M-3 sector. A customer needs to pay an amount of 160 to 225 Lacs to get the plot’s possession. Moreover, the A-Block of this top-notch M-3 sector offers residential plots of 12 Marla (105-120 Lacs), 14 Marla (145-160 Lacs), and 1 Kanal (190-225 Lacs) measurements. M-3 Block Extension, a sub-block of the M-3 sector, holds plots of 10 Marla. Local folks are welcome to avail this amazing opportunity.

Lake City M-4 & M-5

M-4 sector is also known as Golf Estate. Ready-to-sale plots of 1 Kanal are available in this sector. On the ground, but non-possession plot’s cost ranges from 160 to 210 Lacs. On the other hand, the plots with possession traits have an asking price of 225 to 275 Lacs. If we shed light on sector M-5, it presents a pot-cutting of 10 Marla; a single 10 Marla plot costs 98 to 120 Lacs only.

Lake City M-7 & M-8

The management of Lake City has fractionated the beautiful sector, M-7, into three beautiful fractions. The included Fractions are M7 A-Block, M7 B-Block, and M7 C-Block. A-block, B-block, and C-block have 7 Marla, 5 Marla, and (5 & 7) Marla plots. These sectors solely consist of top-notch residential plots, prices ranging from 35 to 90 Lacs only.

The designs of the above-noted M-8 sector have been specifically designed to entertain the economic families, which can merely buy with less or fixed budgets. The available plots in this sector are 5 Marla (45-56 Lacs) and 7 Marla (58-68 Lacs) only. Customers can purchase any plots on both full and partial method methods, having flexibility in nature.

Commercial Plots of Lake City Lahore

A top-notch society, Lake City Lahore, demands top-notch companies. Its tight security, surveillance facility, and ease-of-doing-business environment are the key prerequisites attracting maximum investments in the town. Businesses have been commenced; a massive business opportunity is present in the market for investors.

Commercial plots of 2 sizes are available here, i.e., 5 & 8 Marla. The price of the 5 Marla (Main Boulevard) plot is 425 to 450 Lacs. While 8 Marla (Main Boulevard) plot costs 715-750 Lacs only. Likewise, the asking price of 8 Marla plots facing Ring road on an Alternative route falls between 750 and 800 Lacs. With increasing inflation in the country, prices of plots may rise, so hurry up and make a smart investment as soon as possible.

A Bird’s-eye View of Lake City Payment Plan

The management of Lake City has crafted a viable and realistic payment plan. Lump-sum payment and installment-based payment both are available options. One can choose from either. Easy and flexible installment plans are available if someone doesn’t have enough investment for lump sum payment. The period of the installment method is 2.5 years. A lump-sum payment will save the customer 10 percent of the total price of the plot. Ten percent additional amount is required to buy corner plots and park-facing plots. For complete details of the payment plan, click on the pasted link of Apex Group, attached at the end of the blog.

Why is Lake City Lahore a Finest Investment Option?

Pre-eminent Medical Facilities nearby Lake City

If one chooses to live in Lake City Lahore, they will have access to the well-equipped and well-reputed medical institutions around society. For Instance, Bahria International Hospital exists, famous City Hospital on Defence road, and Mumtaz Bakhtawar Hospital on Raiwand road. Other hospitals and clinics are also available nearby. Similarly, if one intends to travel to the well-furnished Doctor Hospital, he can easily navigate through Johar Town in a 15 minutes drive.

Own Lake City Interchange

With zero doubt, Lake City’s Interchange is not less than a blessing for its residents. One can come and go effortlessly using its interchange. The students and professionals will be able to save time while commuting. However, it will save everyone’s time.

Tight Security in the Town

Any citizen opts for a society far away from the hustle and bustle of the city for a secure and tranquil life. As per Lake City’s mission, it must provide its residents a safe place rich in ambiance to live without any fear and intimidation. CCTV cameras and skilled law-and-order enforcers have been recruited to ensure safety and security. Their job duty is patrolling society using POLICE Vans. Guards are available 24/7 at numerous spots for inspection purposes. Non-residents won’t be allowed to enter the society without proving their identity and relation with the society’s residence. So, the provision of full-proof security to its residents will always be a top priority of the management.

Closeness to Reputed Educational Institutes

An investment in knowledge pays the best interest. Following this tenet, Lake City Lahore has successfully plotted a campus of top-class Froebel’s International School. Elite-class schools are also present nearby Lake City. For Instance, esteemed Beaconhouse School, Bahria Town School, famous Park-Turk School, and Allied School are within easy reach. Many other educational institutions are also at hand.

World-class Recreational Amenities making Lake City Lahore Superior to other Societies

Following enlisted are some recreational-purposed infrastructures being offered by the Lake City Lahore:

  1.  A state-of-the-art 18-hole Golf Course as per International accepted Standards
  2.  Well-equipped Gym Facility with Trained Gym Professionals
  3.  Unsurpassed Sky Zone Trampoline Park
  4.  Grand Jamia Masjid Rashida representing Islamic-cum-Pakistani Cultures
  5.  Top-class Lake City Mall having +60 branded retail shops
  6.  Cinepax Cinema with unprecedented Audio-Visual Quality

Other Facilities & Amenities in Lake City Lahore

  1.  Doorstep Maintenance Service
  2.  Lake City’s own 4-MW Electricity Water Plant in M-7
  3.  Installed Reverse Osmosis (RO) Plants for clean water
  4.  4080 & 120 feet broad Carpeted roads
  5.  Wellness Clubs
  6.  Police Station
  7.  24/7 Ambulance Service
  8.  Football, Basketball and Tennis courts
  9.  E-tag System

*For safe and smart investment options, contact Apex Group.*


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