07 July, 2021

Commercial Aspects of Bahria Town Lahore in 2021

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Ring Road Lahore & Shahkam Flyover Brief Overview

Ring Road Lahore, occupying 85 km length, is going to hit the jackpot with its catalytic provision of golden opportunities. This flagship road project, inaugurated in 2009, has a huge potential to illuminate the fates of the people living nearby it. The Northern and Southern Loops are the two sections included in this enticing boulevard. The former section has been constructed and functionalized; the southern section is under construction. Ring Road Southern Loop (SL-3) will be fabricated within the next 6 months on Built-Operate-Transfer (BOT) Model. SL-3 initiates from Adda Plot on Raiwand Road and ends at Maraka on Multan Road passing through the top-notch Bahria Town. The passing of this cardinal artery through Bahria Town gives it a premium edge over all other societies of Lahore.

Why is the ‘Shahkam Flyover’ a viral topic nowadays? The simple answer is ‘Owing to heavy traffic there.’ Understanding the utmost need for this flyover over Shahkam chowk, the Government of Punjab has consented to its construction, costing around PKR 3.2 billion.

Shahkam chowk has been a bottleneck in the rapid development of the neighborhood. Bahria Town Lahore, Sukh Chayn Gardens, New Lahore City, and Canal Garden would be the leading beneficiaries. It is commendable that Bahria Town developed itself up to the apex in this unbalanced traffic environment; one can feel how swiftly flyover would update this urban paradise.

Commercial Aspects of Bahria Town Lahore in 2021

Following are some points portraying the solid reasons of how Bahria Town Lahore and its investors will acquire commercial benefits in 2021 after the completion of Ring Road Lahore and Shahkam flyover:

Easy Access to Bahria Town Lahore for Investors

When investors living in Lahore are asked that why they didn’t invest in Bahria Town Lahore, they usually reply, “bohat dur hai” (it is far away). There still exist some people who are aware of the bright prospects, but they still hesitate in investing in a place that is far away from the main city. So, the construction of the Ring Road & Shahkam Flyover will help people solving their transportation issues. Now people would be able to navigate on these two roads with a speed limit of 100 kph. The first two sections of Ring road have already been benefiting the residents of Bahria Town which connects the Kamahan (near DHA-5) with the Adda Plot of Raiwand road. But the passing of Ring Road through Bahria Town is not less than a blessing for the people who want to invest in Bahria Town Lahore.

Now from the following locations, one can effortlessly travel to Bahria Town:

- Ferozpur Road (10-15 minutes)

- Lahore Airport (25-30 minutes)

- DHA (20-25 minutes)

- GT Road (40-45 minutes)

Lesser prices of Commercial plots in Bahria Town Attracting Other Town’s Investors

There prevails a huge difference in plot prices of Bahria Town when it is compared with other costly societies. One cannot deny this statement. After SL-3, an investor residing in far-away societies like DHA would have easy access to Bahria Town Lahore by navigating on it. To facilitate the people of Lahore, Bahria Town has welcomed them by offering its plots with far less prices in comparison with the other cutting-edge societies. Similarly, the people living along Canal road would find no bottlenecks while travelling towards bahria town. Let’s make a brief price comparison of commercial plots of the Bahria Town and DHA Lahore which will explicitly prove the point of discussion. The 5-Marla commercial plot in Bahria Town Lahore comes for 1-18 crores. On the other hand, the asking price of even a 4-Marla commercial plot in DHA Lahore starts from 2.5-3 crores. Now, the construction of Lahore Ring Road SL-3 has provided a golden opportunity to investors. After the completion of Lahore Ring Road, there will be a swift boom in the prices of commercial as well as residential plots. In the coming 1-2 years, today’s 1 crore investment will pay the double interests.

Bahria Town Lahore in 2021- An Epicenter of Investment Owing to the Passing of Ring Road through Bahria Town Lahore

Undoubtedly, Bahria Town Lahore is the best society in the country. With its provision of tip-top facilities, it has been attracting investments from all over Pakistan. The construction of Lahore Ring Road SL-3, and Shahkam chowk will further captivate the investments. The provision of top-class facilities has always been an apex priority of Bahria’s management. This top-grade society has provided a healthy investment environment to the investors who wish to purchase commercial plots in the town. Colossal investment potential is available in different blocks of this top-class town.

Tauheed Block offers commercial plots of different sizes, the prices of which start from 1.25 crore. Similarly, Talha Block and Ghaznavi Block also hold a massive financing opportunity for investors. The plot purchased today will be of double price in the coming years. Time and opportunity don’t wait for anyone. This is just like Get 1 and Buy 1 offer if anyone purchases a plot before Ring Road Construction. So, today’s investment is going to pay the best interest in the future.

Lahore Ring Road SL-3 & Shahkam Chowk Playing a Role of a Catalyst to Attract Multinational Companies in Bahria Town Lahore

A top-notch society demands top-notch companies. Bahria’s tight security and ease-of-doing-business environment has been victorious in attracting a great many local and multinational companies in the town. Bahria Town is going to be blessed with the blessing of Lahore Ring Road Lahore SL-3 in the future. Shahkam chowk, as said earlier, would attract the investors of Bahria Town. Road infrastructure helps to build commercial setups nearby it. SL-3 starting from Bahria’s Golf View Residencia will pass through Jinnah block, Rafi Block, Jenifer block, and Talha block subsequently. After Talha block, the final destination of SL-3 would be NFC Phase 2 where an interchange will be set up. All the areas from which this artery will go through will be the hotspots of investment opportunity, according to the REAL ESTATE Experts.

Development of businesses along motorway roads proves the afore-mentioned idea. Similarly, SL-3 is going to be a crown jewel of Bahria Town Lahore. In Talha, Tauheed, and Ghaznavi Blocks, MNCs are being welcomed by the town’s management. It has been successful to allure a great many Multinational companies (MNCs). For instance, KFC, McDonald's, and like these are among the functional MNCs of Bahria. The announcement of SL-3 has already increased the race of establishing businesses in the town; however, there still exists a massive business potential there. It is now an excellent opportunity for Bahria management to score a goal to clean sweeps the other fine housing societies.

 Increase in Plot Rates with the Construction of Lahore Ring Road & Shahkam Flyover

Property investment is considered the best investment option in Pakistan because it pays the best interest if we compare it with other businesses. It is rarely seen that the plot prices started decreasing over time. Lahore has been experiencing a rapid increase in housing projects on the outskirts of the city. As we all know, the epicenter of future investment in Lahore would be Raiwand and Bahria Town Lahore. So, this is the best time to invest in the plots of Bahria and earn maximum output. As per the Expert Opinion, the construction of Lahore Ring Road SL-3 will boost the plot prices up to the pinnacle. After completion of SL-3 & Shahkam flyover, upper-middle-class sections may find it difficult to invest in Bahria and earn fruitful results.

This is the best time to invest in Bahria Town Lahore. With increasing inflation in the country, a rise in the plot price is might possible. It is the best time to invest. If one cannot bear lump sum payment, he/she can opt for commercial plots using flexible installment methods. According to Lahore Ring Road Authority, the passing of Lahore Ring Road through Bahria Town would add a feature in its cap. The approval of Shahkam flyover is going to be another blessing in the lap of Bahria, as described in the blog.

Exquisite financing opportunity is at your doorsteps. Be a prudent investor and hurry up!


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