27 March, 2023

LDA Building Bylaws Now Allow Rooftop Gardening

Apex Team
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Leading newspapers published on March 22 that the Lahore Development Authority (LDA) Building Bylaws now allow rooftop gardening in the city as LDA has amended its laws.

During a meeting of the Judicial Commission to talk about water and the environment, Lahore Commissioner and LDA Director General Mohammad Ali Randhawa spoke to the attendees about this. 

During the meeting, the LDA director general talked about the steps the city is taking to protect the environment. He said that, as part of corporate social responsibility, real steps are being taken to encourage rooftop gardening.

He also said that the authority would make sure that steps were taken to reduce pollution and that all court orders were carried out. He also said that all the departments would be given a timetable for carrying out the court orders.

During the meeting, it was also said that operations would be done to get rid of people who have moved into green belts. For this, the LDA, the Metropolitan Corporation Lahore (MCL), the Parks and Horticulture Authority (PHA), and the Traffic Police will all work together.

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