17 March, 2023

LDA to Monitor Development Projects Through CCTV Cameras

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Mr. Muhammad Ali Randhawa, who is the Commissioner of Lahore and the Director General of the LDA, has ordered the use of CCTV cameras to monitor the progress of development projects being built around the city. He says that CCTV cameras will keep an eye on the speed and quality of recent projects.

Monitoring with CCTV could also help stop public projects from using money in the wrong way. He also said that the LDA would use feedback and community participation to keep an eye on the projects.

On Friday, the commissioner visited the development sites at the Lahore Bridge, the CBD Underpass, and the Samanabad-Gulshan Ravi Underpass. He also decided to use IT-based tools to monitor these projects personally.

Moreover, he also instructed concerned teams to promptly request specialists to install CCTV cameras at project locations for effective monitoring. According to the news source, commissioner Lahore instructed the concerned officers to fix traffic concerns on the multilevel Flyover in Shahdara before the start of construction.

It is important to remember that LDA has already launched multiple urban development projects in the city. It is one of the reasons that these projects are experiencing many delays. Also, the government has requested that the LDA implement more stringent quality assurance methods and procedures for all projects.

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