15 January, 2022

Top 5 Ways to make your Apartment Balcony Attractive

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If you are enthusiastic about having an alluring and pleasing apartment balcony with a small space, there are many ways to make your balcony more enchanting. We are aware of the fact that everyone can't afford extra expenses on such things due to budget constraints.

From now, you don't need to hamper yourself from flexing with limited space on the balcony; you can make it more fascinating by keeping it simple yet ravishing. In this blog, Apex Group has shed light on the top 5 ways to make your apartment balcony more attractive and gorgeous.

Add artificial grass, flowers, blinds

Adding synthetic grass mats to your balcony can make your patio look more beautiful. First, select a suitable balcony corner to place the planting pots where the direct sunlight comes as plants need it daily. After that, sow different flowers and plants in those pots.

Moreover, if you face privacy issues and want to spend some time in isolation, you can also use bamboo rollers, blinds, dividers, and fences. You can also cover your grills with hanging plants in a way that covers your entire grills and make the apartment balcony attractive.

Put up furniture

Choosing furniture for a smaller space can be difficult, but it's not impossible.

You may use folding furniture to make your balcony attractive. It can be a two-seater sofa or a table with a set of chairs; contrarily, use a velvety rug and oversized cushions if your pocket doesn't allow you to buy expensive furniture.


Adding some decoration pieces to your apartment balcony can make it look cuter and starling. Wind chimes can be used to create a soothing sound that can delight you spiritually.

Besides, different colored wallpapers can be used to give a pretty look to your balcony. Solid colors can make one feel warm and cozy as some dark colors absorb heat. Wall hangings can be used as props to fill up the empty wall.

Give your balcony a shine

You can use string lights to lighten up your grills at night or at any gathering, which will give a serene feeling to sitting with your family and friends. Lanterns can be hung on the roof of your balcony.


We all know that flooring is the most noticeable feature in any apartment or home because the flooring can totally give a different look to your space. Flooring can groom up your balcony as you can select ceramic floor tiles or any other which are water-resistant in nature.

The balcony is the most basic requirement anyone could ask for. Having a balcony is totally worthy and valuable. There are many advantages of having a balcony, either it's immense or compact like you can spend some good quality time alone or with friends and family. It gives you more space to live; you can enjoy the outdoors at your leisure. Your balcony can also be your workspace if you are working from home.

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